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Real Estate Appraisers

The Division of Commercial Licensing and Regulation is responsible for the licensing and regulation of Real Estate Appraisers. To this end the Section coordinates and administers examinations for real estate appraisers. Additionally, the Section is responsible for issuing licenses/ certificates to real estate appraiser course providers. The Section is also empowered to investigate and adjudicate complaints to insure license compliance with Rhode Island State laws, rules and regulations.

- William J. DeLuca, Administrator, Real Estate

Lists of Licensed Appraisers:



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Appraisal Management Companies

The Department will begin accepting applications for Appraisal Management Companies (AMC's) beginning August 1, 2018.

Real Estate Appraisers Section - Trainee Appraisers, Licensed Appraiser, Certified Residential Appraiser, and Certified General Appraiser

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