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I Need a License

The instructions below will accommodate your licensing requirements. If your license type is not listed below, continue to submit paper applications.

For New Licenses and Renewals for:



Auto Body
-Auto Body Repair Shops
-Auto Glass
-Auto Salvage and Rebuilders
-Auto Wrecking and Salvage Yards

Board of Accountancy
-Certified Public Accountants
-Practice Units

Charitable Organization Section
-Charitable Organization
-Fundraising Counsel
-Professional Fundraiser
-Professional Solicitor

Design Professionals
-Landscape Architects
-Land Surveyors
-Professional Engineers
-Certificate of Authorization

Franchise Registrations

Liquor Enforcement and Compliance
-Class G
-Class P
-Line Cleaners
-Liquor Agent
-Liquor Salesperson

Mobile and Manufactured Home Parks

Racing and Athletics
-Athletics Event
-Athletics Manager/Second
-Athletics Occupational
-Concessionairies & Vendors
-Concessionairies & Vendor Employee
-Gaming Facility Employees
-Pari-mutuel Totalizator Company
-Pari-mutuel Totalizator Company Employee

Real Estate
-Real Estate Appraisers
-Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons
-Real Estate Corporations
-Real Estate Education Providers
-Real Estate Out of State Land/Subdivisions

Securities Registrations
-Exempt Mutual Funds
-Regulation D Filings

Time Share

-Manufacturer of Bedding or Upholstered Furniture or Both
-Supply Dealer - Filling Materials Only
-Renovator - Bedding or Upholstery or Both
-Second Hand Furniture or Second Hand Bedding Dealer

For Banking and Mortgage Professionals Licenses

For Debt Collector Registrations

Effective 9/3/13, Debt Collector applicants will be required to apply for a RI Debt Collector Registration through the NMLS licensing system, (see below). Questions may be directed to: BankInquiry@dbr.ri.gov or by calling Rebecca Specht at (401-462-9564.

For Insurance Professionals Licenses

For Securities Professionals Licenses

-Broker Dealers
-Registered Representatives
-Investment Advisors
-Investment Advisor Representatives

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions